It’s the ultimate design challenge. How do you create space? How do you introduce additional functionality, additional value, when you’re convinced you’ve already maximized every last square inch you have to work with?

Creating Multifunctional Space

You can’t turn a light fixture into a door. You can’t turn a hallway into a living room. But you can have a door that is also a full-length mirror.

Let The Sliding Door Company show you how mirrored closet doors can not only turn a single-tasker into a multitasker but also give your home or workplace the appearance of additional depth and space.

Not Your Starter Apartment’s Mirrored Closet Doors

We know what you’re thinking. We’ve all had to deal with those flimsy mirrored closet doors that jump off their tracks when you so much as look at them sideways. Forget all that.

Our new easy-glide technology, combined with safe, higher-than-industry-standard tempered-glass doors set an entirely new standard. No risk of shattering. Dependable, smooth operation. And our Wheel-to-Track locking mechanism is so innovative and game-changing, we have a patent for it.

A Fully Customizable Look

Maybe you’re thinking of a basic white frame, a sheet of reflective glass. There is so much more to what The Sliding Door Company can offer you. And the decision to go with mirrored closet doors isn’t necessarily permanent. Different frame designs and finishes, and different glass types are available, such as:

  • Frosted
  • Clear
  • Smoked
  • Laminated
  • Black

The design of the mirror panels themselves is also up to you, from a three-panel to a continental t-style.

The Sliding Door Company: Home, Business, and Beyond

  • Homeowners – Have that one area that you know could be more than what it is? The Sliding Door Company can help you transform the mundane and everyday into the extraordinary.
  • Architects – Incorporate our innovative, functional designs into your plans from the outset and make more of the finite space you have to work with.
  • Interior Designers – One piece plays off the next, creating an ensemble effect that is much greater than the sum of the individual pieces. The Sliding Door Company can play an integral role in helping your work your magic.
  • Home Builders – Add striking eye appeal and instant value with The Sliding Door Company. Nearly any home, any floor plan, stands to benefit from our solutions.

Get Ready for the Next Generation in Mirrored Closet Doors

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