According to the most recent surveys on small business owners who have less than one hundred employees, it was found out that while some marketing strategies like email marketing and social media marketing were very populous, a lot of small businesses failed to utilize advanced techniques that could deliver a lot of value. Over ninety percent of the businesses do not use marketing automation, cloud-based CRM systems, and SEO techniques. Only a few of them utilize digital advertising.

Cause Marketing

This is a cooperative effort amongst non-profit organization and a for-profit business to mutually benefit and promote charitable and social causes. You do not have to confuse cause marketing with corporate giving, which is subject to particular tax-deductible donations given by the firm. The relationships of course marketing are ‘feel goods’ and the assurance of customers that you are sharing the desire of making the world better. The fact remains that while choosing between competing brands, a lot of shoppers will opt for firms using cause market as their method of marketing because their product is cause branded.

Direct Selling

Direct selling will accomplish just what it suggests; selling the products to customers directly. In this method, salespeople formulate direct relations with people through demonstration and sales of products from retail setting, mostly in the home of the individual. The fact is that over fifty percent of customers will buy directly from the salesperson in twelve months.

Affinity Marketing and Cobranding

Co-branding marketing procedures require at least two brands to join to promote and sell one service or product. Brands lend collective credibility for increasing the perception of their service or product’s value for the consumers to be willing to pay more for retail services. Additionally, co-branding may also dissuade private manufacturers from reproducing the service or product. The fact is that customers interpret cobranding as an endorsement of value from a trusted brand, which creates a lucrative halo effect.

PR/Earned Media

Free media or earned media is publicity created via efforts apart from paid advertising. It usually takes various forms like word of mouth, social media testimonials, radio mentions, editorial or newspaper article; but the constant thing is that earned media is not solicited and can be organically gained. You cannot own or buy it like traditional advertising. Majority of customers trust earned media.

Paid Media Advertising

Paid media is a tool which firms use in growing the traffic of their sites via paid advertising. The most populous method for this technique is the pay-per-click links. Fundamentally, a firm sponsors or purchases a link which appears as an advert in the search results when a keyword which relates to their service or product is searched. The whole procedure is called search engine marketing. Immediately the ad gets clicked, the firm pays the search engine a fee for the visitor. The fact is that as clients approach their decision of purchasing, more than half of them will click on the paid ad.

Each strategy needs effective marketing

Regardless of the chosen strategy, effectiveness of marketing is fully dependent on the way you execute. You need to follow the outlined guide above for you to formulate marketing strategies for your business size to be successful.