When we talk about the real and artificial jewellery, there are several pros and cons which are associated with each of them. Here in this write-up, you would get to know about these attributed and then decide upon which one is best suited for a specific occasion the women’s jewellery. Furthermore, here are some of the pros and cons of artificial as well as real jewellery. Read further to get an idea about the same:

Pros of artificial jewellery over real jewellery

  1. Cost

The Artificial jewellery is much cheaper than the real ones and give a similar appearance which is why women prefer to go for them instead of spending huge amounts on the jewellery pieces that they might wear for special occasions. One needs to plan out the budget before buying the real jewellery items and it is often that you cannot buy different pieces all at the same item.  On the other hand, in the case of artificial jewellery, you can always purchase them whenever you want and that too the entire jewellery set at once.

  1. Designs

The real jewellery is often made in traditional designs and comes and it is rare that you find something quirky in them unless it might cost you some extra bucks. Moreover, it is made in a just one metal element which needs to be polished time and again so that it retains its charm. Artificial jewellery is often available in a lot of contemporary designs and can be adjusted according to your choice which makes them desirable.

  1. Repairing price

The biggest issue with the real jewellery is that its repairing price is quite expensive as well. You would also need to be extra careful when you are giving it to the goldsmith and check for the weight right when it comes back. In the case of the artificial jewellery you don’t have to worry about the broken piece as you can always buy a new one whenever you want.

  1. Extra care is required

You always need to be careful with the real jewellery and store them in separate boxes as there are always high chances that the pieces might be discoloured once they are stored with other pieces of jewellery.  In the case of artificial jewellery, you do not have to worry about storing the accessories at the same place.

Cons of artificial jewellery over real jewellery

  1. Ear infection

At times, the metal that is used in making the artificial jewellery might not suit your earlobe and cause infection and bleeding. While in the case of real jewellery, you are always on the safer side and you would encounter hardly any problem with them.

  1. Durabililty

The real jewellery would also give you returns even if it gets broken or becomes quite degraded over the time. Moreover, you can always keep them for the ages to come and its price would only increment. With the artificial jewellery, it is the case of use and throw, and purchasing it will give you no significant returns. Although the real jewellery might cost you more when you purchase it but you are always in profit.

  1. Chances of getting tarnished

The artificial jewellery gets tarnished quite quickly and cannot be polished again which means that you can no more use it once it is spoiled. This is not in the case of real jewellery as you can get the pieces polished and they would come back to life again in no time.

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