From old-fashioned wood-burning fireplaces to modern fireplaces, we’ll outline the basics of keeping your fireplaces clean below.

How to Clean a Wood Burning Fireplace

  1. Start by removing the dust and soot from the inside of your fireplace. There should be a trap door where you can push some of the build-up of ash into a basement ash pit, but you can also use a broom or vacuum cleaner to clean inside your fireplace. You should also clean off the andirons and grate that hold the wood.
  2. To clean the inner walls of your fireplace, use a scraper and wire brush. This step can be done before removing the soot and dust from the inside of your fireplace so that you don’t have to clean the bottom of the fireplace a second time after cleaning the walls. But sometimes it’s good to do this step second because you’ll need to reach inside the fireplace to clean out the walls, and you don’t want the movement of the ash on the bottom to upset your breathing.
  3. Clean the inside of the chimney last. Unless you’re a chimney sweep by night, don’t do this yourself. Hire a professional to clean up residue that’s built up in your chimney. This should be done every year or every few years to avoid the possibility of fire.

How to Clean a Gas Fireplace

Modern fireplaces often run with gas and actually don’t require a lot of cleaning.

Most of the time, cleaning will involve following the instructions in your gas fireplace manual. But essentially, you’ll simply be dusting off the wood as it may have a build-up of dust. Next, you’ll want to make sure the fireplace is in the off position, and you’ll begin cleaning the glass doors by first opening them wide or taking them off their hinges.

You can clean off the glass with glass cleaner, a paper towel, or a microfiber cloth. Use special gas fireplace cleaner if you’re going to use a glass cleaner as other cleaners can be dangerous to use around heat.

Looking to Buy New? Choose From a Selection of Modern Fireplaces

If you currently have a wood burning fireplace and are looking to update to a new gas burning fireplace, there are numerous benefits you can look forward to. Notably, modern fireplaces that use gas do not require half as much dirty cleaning as wood burning fireplaces do. They don’t have an excess of build-up of creosote in the chimney either, so hiring a chimney sweep isn’t essential or essential at all in some cases.

To find out more about purchasing gas fireplaces for your home, contact a manufacturer in your area today.