A clean refrigerator keeps your food fresh and promotes good health in the family. However, it is often the most overlooked appliance in the house when it comes to cleaning. The typical reason being, cleaning a fridge is a stressful and time-consuming.

But, all those spills, stains, unidentified food objects, empty jars, cross contamination, etc. can spread inside, creating the perfect breeding environment for germs. In short, a messy fridge is a severe health hazard!

So, without encouraging the risk, have a look at this elaborate guideline on cleaning your single or double door refrigerator effortlessly.

A step-by-step guideline:

Here’s an easy 4 step plan to clean your double or single door refrigerator.

**Note: Before cleaning, make sure to turn off the refrigerator.

Step 1: Bring out everything from the fridge

Emptying this appliance first makes cleaning a lot easier. There will be cooked food, vegetables, fruits, packaged food, containers, etc. inside the refrigerator. Ensure proper cleaning of every corner and crevices along with the trays and shelves before restoring all the items.

Also, dispose of any unwanted item present in the fridge to avoid contamination.

Step 2: Clean the trays, shelves and drawers

Most Refrigerators in India have removable shelves, trays and bins for easy cleaning.

  1. If your model has the same, remove every part.
  2. Prepare a mix of water and vinegar, and spray the solution inside the appliance.
  3. Leave the spray for some time, especially on the soiled corners, allowing it to soak in.
  4. By that time, wash the drawers and shelves using soapy water (better if it’s warm water) and let them dry.
  5. Moving back, use a rag and warm water again to wipe the fridge’s interiors.

Step 3: Time to clean the contents

Let your fridge dry as you move on to cleaning the jars, leftovers and all other contents.

  1. Containers to put back:

Containers to go back into the appliance need to be cleaned first. Use a damp cloth to wipe every container’s bottom, body, lid and sides.

**Tip: Do check the expiry dates of products before restoring those.

  1. Clean off the leftovers:

Now, throw all the contaminated items (rotten veggies, fruits or stale food) and wash all the containers with soap and normal water. Let those dry!

[Suggestion: Avoid refrigerating things which would probably be of no use anymore.]

Step 4: Re-arrange everything once again

Now, set the cleaned drawers, shelves, etc. removed from the fridge freezer in place. Arrange the containers in their respective areas (you can create your labelled sections for convenience of storing different items).

A few additional tips regarding cleaning your refrigerator:

  • According to Debra Johnson, a veteran cleaning professional, use nonabrasive paste (water, baking soda and heated vinegar) to clean sticky, stubborn spills.
  • Remember, boiling water can create cracks in the appliance body.
  • Much like the interiors, it’s equally essential to clean the rubber seal and gasket around its door. You can use a sponge or soft cloth and soapy water for wiping the gasket.
  • Maintain the freezer temperature at 0° F and refrigerator within 37 to 40°
  • During power cuts, these appliances can keep the stored food safe for 4 hours; so, don’t leave the refrigerator’s door open.

Proper cleaning and maintenance of this kitchen appliance can not only reduce energy consumption but also extend the product’s life. However, if it has already served for many years, it’s always better to opt for a new one now.

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