Nowadays, spas deliver both an array of services and environments to aid us find a renewed balance in life and gain a healthy lifestyle. There may be variations on the very theme, but spas comes in three sizes mainly. Day spas are available in every town and typically offer bodywork and all types of skin care treatments. Resort spas are an additional amenity found in big-shot hotels. Destination spas are stand-alone centers that offer lodging, meals, spa programs, nutrition counselling, and wellness evaluation services.

Are you considering to visit a spa? You need to first determine what type of spa treatment you want. If you are traveling soon, research on what kind of spas are available in the area or visit If you are interested in destination spa, consider booking a few nights there. Also determine how much would you be able to spend and what kind of therapies you’d want to explore.


Avoid eating heavily before your appointment. If you do have a meal, give yourself 30 minutes before going in for the treatment. Also avoid drugs and alcohol before going for any spa treatment. When you will arrive for your therapy, you will be asked to changing where you can disrobe and lock up your belongings in a safe place.

Here is some little description about the common spa therapies.


  • Hydrotherapy

In this, a special tub is used which is technician controlled and has water and air jets placed strategically. The tub is particularly designed to offer underwater massage. Avoid this treatment for at least 30 to 60 minutes after eating.

  • Thalassotherapy

In this treatment, many elements like sea salt, seaweed, algae products etc. are added to the bath. They help in stimulating blood circulation, eliminating toxins, toning, and remineralizing.


  • Vichy Shower

In this treatment, pulsating water jet across your back as you lay on a table. The therapists control the water flow and its temperature.

  • Steam Shower

It gives a sauna-like in effect. These showers are moist, heated rooms cause perspiration to get rid of toxins in the skin.

Wraps and Scrubs

  • Mud Wraps

Muds get rid of the body toxins and hydrate it. The mud is mixed with some ingredients and minerals to work with the skin. The guests can shower the mud away afterwards.

  • Salt Scrubs or Salt Glows

This process helps in applying and massing a paste made from sea salts and essential oils to exfoliate your body. Then follows a fresh rinse. It helps in increasing circulation, improving skin’s appearance, and cleans pores.