Flying from one destination to another is simply the best way to travel. It ensures both comfort and luxury at the same time. But sometimes, the ticket prices shoot way up and become near intolerable. This is especially the case in peak tourist season with thousands of people clamoring for a trip to the same place. Book cheap air tickets online to save big on travel expenses and truly enjoy the trip. The trick to finding cheap tickets for air travel – be it domestic or international lies in research. The simplest of checks can actually save a lot of money for the traveler. More to the point, it can save a lot of unnecessary expense for the traveler, which would be better spent on food, lodging, and shopping at the destination.

There are lots of online service providers that allow consumers to buy air tickets online at low cost. The main problem with most of the website is quite simple – they have lots of hidden costs. For example, the air ticket does not over baggage claims – that is charged as an extra. There are also some cheaper flight tickets that do not supply free food and drinks on board. For these reasons, it is good to take everything with a pinch of salt and not be dazzled by all the offers. More importantly, it is necessary to do a bit of research.

Top 5 Secrets to Book Cheap Flights

There are some shocking tips and tricks to finding better, cheaper air tickets that normally people would not even think of doing. Book cheap air tickets online by using these useful hacks and tips. Some of these tips may be slightly less dramatic, but they are quite effective, nonetheless. The best way to buy air tickets online at low cost is to follow all five reveals and mix and match as needed.

Here are the top five failsafe ways to book a cheaper flight ticket:

  • Use Incognito Mode: Incognito Mode in Chrome and Firefox are invaluable assets to anyone who do not want their search history to be filed through cookies. But what most people do not realize is that it can be applied to other things as well. Did you know that the cookies in your browser can affect your ticket price? Shocking, but true – most websites actually increase the price after the second visit to pressure the consumer into buying a ticket before the prices shoot up again. Go incognito to see the actual prices.
  • Know Everything: Why limit your search to just one service provider when there are so many? All the website that allows us to book air tickets online keeps a percentage of the ticket for the sales. So, the higher they sell the ticket for, the more profit they make. Make sure to go through all the different providers to find the best and cheapest tickets.
  • Timing is Key: If the trip is not very urgent, then check the ticket prices for the entire month before actually planning the full trip. Check the prices for the whole month instead of just a few trip days on the website to get the best prices on flight tickets. This is the most effective way to weed out the days when airfare seems unreasonable.
  • Budget Tickets or Budget Airlines: Budget airlines are cheap services that cut down luxury and amenities to reduce the ticket price. Budget tickets are seasonal discounts on premium airlines with great quality of service. It should be the clear choice to take the budget ticket, right? Not always; sometimes, especially on short flights, budget airlines actually make a lot more sense and can save quite a lot of needless expenses.
  • Use a Travel Agent: Tourists never get the same discounts themselves that travel agents can arrange for them. For this one, simple reason, it is an excellent idea to book the services of a travel agency. They also come in handy when there is a layover flight in a city that you really want to explore. So, save big and hire a travel agent for a trip.


Travel by air for the ultimate convenience and comfort. There are many journeys in life where trains and cars simply do not cut it. For those long, tiresome journeys, take a flight to your dream destination and enjoy the trip in style. Traveling in luxury, however, does not necessarily mean spending more for smaller things. Neither does it mean overspending on a service that will never really be used. Spend only on worthwhile amenities and necessities. There is no need to compromise on comfort for the sake of the budget either. Lots of airlines use promos and discounts to get a leg up on their competition. So, there is bound to be a cheap flight to every destination and actually, enjoy the trip beyond the flight.